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Habibi Oil

I really like the product, there’s not many heathy skin products for men so I’m very grateful.

Balm & body cream

Both creams are incredible. Seriously. Notice a major diff. Especially for my hair. I have gotten wonderful feedback from family & peers.

Healthy growing hair

My hair feels very healthy and growing thicker. The ingredients used are the best for hair growth and soft hair!!!

You need this!

First the shipping took a while but who cares about that,once I received my order,definitely not what I expected, it's big! Second,I have been looking for an oil that can change my hair life and this is the one. A little definitely goes a long way,which was surprising. Overall, a great product!

Give me a tub size

Very nice gentle affordable and effective formula with a very hint of soothing smell . The product seems to dissolve and disappear on application without any greasy feel . Love it I need a gallon of it for my dry sensitive skin who is prone to headache due to certain chemical smells. Keep it up. I cannot comment on customer service right now which is giving me a lot of problems.

Habibi Balm
Very happy customer

Ur beard balm is a good product,I enjoy using!

Amazing !

After 1 week I see a huge difference!

Good product

Really good product only thing have to wait for long shipping sometimes, they were gonna second oil free due to this but yea. Good product but shipping dislike

Love it

This product is amazing! It’s not too heavy or too light and gives the perfect amount of nutrients to my hair. I’ve struggled big time with finding products that help my hair and this is one of my favorites! Definitely recommending to friends and family!

Like a Lion's Mane

My habibi's locks are a lusciously soft fur after using this bundle. It helped the dandruff-prone skin he has under his beard from living in a dry climate.

Habibti oil

This oil is so nice, it takes away the frizz and helps nourish the scalp. It leaves my hair soft and I’m able to go longer in between washes!


I bought this product for my boyfriend because he’s been struggling with growing facial hair. He’s been using it everyday for two weeks now and there’s already a noticeable difference!

Habibi Oil

I’ve been using the Habibi oil for the past 2 years I really love the best product you can ever buy for your beard and the beard comb 🔥


Lush: A small amount goes a really long way, my elbows get very very dry and this stuff brings relief. I also use in my beard and sometimes as a base hair product for my pomp. Truly this is more of a utility balm on steroids!

Beard oil: Very mild scent, not over bearing! I usually use beard balm, even the Lush product. I usually put some beard oil on at night, keeps my beard moisturized while asleep without feeling weighed down.

Habibti Oil

Best Beard Oil

I tried this oil to repair a bald spot on my head and I’ve already started growing hair back within five days. I also don’t have much facial hair but it’s help me grow a little bit

Best balm

I like this more than the oil. It lasts very long, smells great is really a quality product.


This oil is great. Very good smell too.

Bamboo Wooden Comb

Bamboo Wooden Comb

Best Product Ever

No regrets whatsoever, best product on the market.

Amazing product, amazing service

I was quite bummed out that usps took so long for my order to come, however the owner of habibi life personally wrote a letter to me, apologizing for something that was out of their control. Amazing service and the products are amazing as well. Will buy again

Never received this

I never received the derma roller


love it and will definitely be ordering more!