In a short period of time, The Habibi Life products will prove themselves to you.Whether you are using the oil for your skin, or applying it twice a day to fill up your patches, the 100% organic ingredients that are in our products have been proven to work.

Here at The Habibi Life we want to deliver the best product to sit pretty on your bathroom sink that is why we use the most effective ingredients in our products with no chemicals added!

Our most popular product "Habibi Oil" has been blessing people since its launch. Many of considered it "Liquid Gold" due to it's benefit in almost every category from skin, hair, heck even a make up primer and remover! 

All our ingredients are UNREFINED and COLD PRESSED, which means the oils did not go through a refining process where it would lose all its beneficial properties.


Any questions, do not hesitate to contact us :)! We love hearing from you guys!