Thought The Habibi Life was only for men? Well, it's not! Our products also benefit women, if you're using The Habibi Oil for your eyebrows or The Habibi Balm to hold your edges, you're still getting the same amazing nutritional benefits our products provide!

Organic Make Up Primer/Remover

Makeup primer is a base for foundation or face makeup that allows it to go on smoother and last longer. There are lots of synthetic products out there, that you will pay big money for but do not offer anything more than a primer, with The Habibi Oil it will work wonders on your face, we'll just list a FEW of them!

  1. Gets rid of dark circles under your eyes
  2. Controls Acne break outs (1 drop onto your palm, rub hands together and apply)
  3. Allows eyelashes to grow longer and thicker (apply with mascara brush/wand)
  4. Spread Habibi Oil on eyebrows with fingertips to grow them and maintain their thickness

To answer your question you might be asking ladies...... NO! YOU WILL NOT GROW A BEARD (whew) , since our ingredients are 100% natural and no hair growing synthetics or testosterone added, hair will not grow where it is not supposed to grow, but if you have a male friend who is struggling to grow his mane, you know what to gift him!😉