20 Amazing Benefits of a Wooden Comb

1. Soft on hair

Your hair is an extension of you; it needs love and care or else it would perish. Wooden combs are very smooth on the hair, and they do not pull the hair when combing. This is why, using wooden combs to comb the hair with, and even for detangling is advised. They are like lovers to the hair; they blend in well with the hair and comb it thoroughly!

2. Nourishes The Hair/Natural Conditioning

The hair when combed with wooden combs has plenty of conditioning and nourishing done to it. When you comb your hair with a wooden comb, the natural oils from the hair are equally distributed across the hair. This helps the hair from being free and bouncy. Chances of hair breakage and hairfall are brought down to a minimum.

3. Healthy Scalp (Boosts Blood Circulation)

You cannot have a healthy bunch of hair if the scalp is left ignored and uncared for.

When a wooden combs is used on the hair and scalp, the blood circulation would be proper since there would be more combing due to the smoothness of the comb teeth from wood.. If the circulation is proper, expect the best of the hair growth to happen.

4. Prevent bruising or scraping your scalp

Coming to caring for your scalp, we cannot emphasize the importance of wooden combs for the same. They have a more rounded and smoother teeth, and when combing, the wooden comb wouldn’t be bruising and scraping the scalp.

5. Encourages Hair Growth

While you may stop in a couple of seconds with using metal or plastic combs to comb your hair, chances are you would enjoy using a wooden comb when doing the same. When you brush and comb your mane using a wooden comb, better circulation happens and this act also helps spread more natural scalp oils around the hair. With proper circulation and boosting of the glands and hair follicles below the scalp, hair grows out thicker and longer.

6. Prevents hair Loss and Hair Breakage

Metal and plastic combs have the tendency of pulling and tugging the hair, which isn’t experienced with wooden combs. Choosing wooden combs over plastic or metal combs makes more sense, as they are they glide smoothly through the scalp, thus making de-tangling much more easy. Also, since it is wide-toothed, it doesn’t pull or break the hair.

7. No Dryness or Greasiness

One reason that stands out is the proper distribution of sebum on the scalp. Sebum is natural oil produced by the sebaceous glands under the surface of the scalp’s skin. While you use a wooden comb, psychologically and physically you wouldn’t feel a thing, and hence comb better than what you would with plastic or metal combs. This helps spread the oils of the scalp better over the mid lengths to the tips of the hair. It leaves your hair less greasy and oily, much lesser than what would otherwise be the case when you use metal or plastic combs.

8. Prevents damage from static electricity

Static is the worst enemy of hair, because it can leave the hair brittle and damaged if left unchecked over a period of time. Metal combs and plastic combs are known to cause high amounts of static on the hair when brushed or rubbed against the hair. Try rubbing your hair gently with either of these combs and then place bits of paper under the comb, you would notice how the hair sticks to it like iron to magnet. This is static.

Wooden combs prevent the hair from getting static, thus preventing hair loss and damage. Wooden combs wouldn’t allow that to happen!

9. Helps in reducing dandruff

The more you comb your hair with metal and plastic combs, chances are that you would irate the scalp all the more. This would lead to flaky dandruff, and in turn lead to hairfall. This is why we should always use wooden combs, which are softer and gentler on the hair and the scalp. The wooden teeth of the comb wont nick and cut the scalp or ill-distribute the oils on the scalp and hair. Hence, no chances of dandruff from happening.

10. Adds bounce to your hair

Wooden combs make the hair bounce with life. This is obvious, because the hair is treated gently and softly, much more than what it experiences when plastic and metal combs are used for the combing and brushing. When there is a good distribution of sebum and proper circulation on the scalp and the hair, the hair would be healthy and bouncy. This is what you would get with wooden combs only, and not with plastic or metal combs.

11. Added Shine

How does shine happen for our hair? The answer is simple! When there is enough of natural oils distributed on the scalp and the hair, the hair doesn’t look dull, limp, dry or brittle to touch and feel. This can only happen when the brushing is gentle and nice. Wooden combs do the job better than what plastic or metal combs can, since it doesn’t create friction movements with the hair and the scalp.

12. Removes Dirt And Foreign Particles

While you gently brush your hair with a wooden brush, chances are more dirt and foreign particles would be brushed away from the hair. Since metal and plastic have high static charge in them, the dirt sticks to it and would be redistributed over the hair. So think again, do you really want those fancy plastic and metal combs? Wooden works for us to keep the hair clean and clear of the elements around!

13. Lesser Allergies

Not all of us have perfect normal scalps. Some of us have sensitive scalps too. This is why, instead of taking a chance and using plastic and metal combs, which can create allergies to the sensitive scalp, it would be wise to use wooden combs. Wood is natural and doesn’t have any chance to create eruptions and scalp disorders or hair disorders when you brush or comb your hair with it.

14. Removes Tiredness And Fatigue

When you use wooden combs to comb the hair and gently massage the scalp, there is a relaxing massage provided. This helps ease the nerves and calm the mind to a large extent. The same cannot be said or experienced with a plastic comb or a metal comb that has harsh and sharp teeth.

15. Best for long hair

Wooden combs are best to use if you have long hair, since it helps easily detangle the hair knots and combs the hair to finesse. It brings about a healthy shine and bounce to the hair as well.

16. Can be used with Blow Dryer

You don’t have to worry about the combs heating up when used in tandem with a hair dryer, since wood is not a conductor of heat. Plastic and metal combs can conduct heat to a certain extent, and it could become unbearable to hold if you hold them too close to the hair dryer when styling or coming your hair. This wouldn’t happen with wooden combs.

17. Helps maintain youth, a healthy menstrual cycle, and good eyesight

For an evergreen youthful look, good eyesight and a healthy menstrual cycle to have, women and girls are encouraged since their prime days to use wooden combs instead of plastic and metal combs. It is said that the natural touches of wood enhances the circulation and helps the individual mentally and physically.

18. Balances Internal Health

Wooden combs when used help rejuvenate the scalp and the cells under it. This allows for more relaxation and peace, and also helps calm the mind to a large extent. This is why, instead of using metal and plastic combs, the use of wooden combs has been advised by holistic beauticians across the globe. It is all about the mind-body connection here. When the mind is at rest, the body internally and externally is at peace too.

19. Great Durability

You don’t have to reinvest and buy many wooden combs over and over again. They are strong, hardy and very durable to be very honest. Plastic and metal combs can wear and tear over time, and the bristles or the teeth can fall off in no time too.

20. Suitable for all types of hair

No matter what your hair type is, wooden combs are like mothers that care for the hair, much more than what plastic or metal combs can do for the hair.


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