The Benefits of Using A Boar Bristle Brush

Since the 1800's, boar's hair brushes have been used to create shiny, healthy hair. Both men and women have been using boar's hair brushes for over 200 years or longer, and here are a few of the benefits of using one for your beard.

  • Boar's hair brushes help your natural sebaceous oils that are secreted from your scalp to naturally coat each hair shaft. The unique structure of each bristle allows them to carry the oils throughout your beard, repairing dry, itchy beards.
  • Boar's hair brushes help improve your beards texture. Beards are typically curly, not straight. This is because your hair naturally curls back towards your face as the hair grows outward. Using a boar's hair brush helps loosen the beards curls, and will assist in changing the texture of your beard to where the hairs become untangled and lay straighter on your face, giving you a more conditioned, full looking beard.
  • Boar's hair brushes help stimulate your skin. Because of the type of brush we provide, the firm bristles help to stimulate your skin underneath your beard, stimulating blood flow to the hair follicle, which can help improve hair growth.
  • Boar's hair brushes help to naturally clean your beard. Yes, you read that correctly. Boar's hair brushes help to naturally clean your beard. The reason this is true, is because the boar's hair bristles separate each hair while brushing them, removing dust particles, dirt, and much more!