No More Patchy Beard

Our product was made by our founder for hair growth, after struggling with hair loss and a fuzzy beard at 15 years of age, he wanted to put an end to it. He did not let genetics stop him and you shouldn't either. Facial hair is determined by Genetics. You can change that, with our products that have been carefully formulated, each of our ingredients have it's own "superpower" which means it is special in it's own way and has it's unique benefits guaranteed to work!


Each product we make, we only use the best of the best. That means we only get our supply from farms who do not refine the oil that we use. ALL our oils are cold pressed, which means the ingredients we use are pressed heavily with no heat added, cold pressing a seed/plant means we get all the vitamins and nutrition we need to Habibi That Life UP!   


If you are struggling with a patchy,fuzzy beard. Our product is here to help. Since here at The Habibi Life we really want you to have your "Dream Mane" there will be a little gift waiting for you at the end of this page!  

Over a short period of time you will see results, If you are ordering "Habibi Oil" mainly for facial hair we ask you to take pictures before using the product and after 8 weeks to do a follow up! You will be featured on our website (with your permission). Since you will be doing us a favor, you will be gifted TWO bottles of Habibi Oil for you and a friend!   


We offer quality, we do not use any synthetics that you will find in cheaper products , with out the extracting process that our oils go through it will NOT provide the same results. That is why we ONLY use cold pressed. We fill each bottle one by one, every bottle is precisely measured with the ingredients, and not made in a batch. Yet we still offer the highest quality product at an AMAZING price!


A healthy diet goes a long way, to get the most out of your hair growth! Pack your daily meals with protein and greens!


No Habibi should ever lose sleep over a patchy beard.

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