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At The Habibi Life, we set and expect a new standard of quality and control. Each of our products are hand-made with all natural and organic ingredients. We know you’re putting our oils on your hair and face so we’ve removed any potentially harmful ingredients to leave us with pure natural bliss. We also focus on providing a variety of tools to trim and groom yourself. A man’s appearance is everything, The Habibi Life helps you stay clean, fresh, and most importantly, sexy as f*ck! Invest in yourself with The Habibi Life. See you on the other side!

Why Our Products?

where it all began

With his Siti's recipes for Middle Eastern remedies for hair loss, patchy beards, dry skin, and other grooming needs. He desire to help others look and feel good, Khaled began making and selling his products out of his parents basement in 2015. His customers loved his products and kept coming back for more, building a Habibi Life community. Through sheer grit, determination, and a belief in his product and brand, he launched his website in 2018 so he can reach his customers globally. 

where we've gone

His Habibi Life community continued to grow and he expanded to over 50 countries, helping people look their best and feel like a mogul in their day to day lives through his products. His brand continued to grow through partnerships with athletes, music artists, and influencers. Khaled's dream to reach people all over the world was beginning to become reality

where we're going

We are currently living through the greatest crisis many of us have experienced in our lifetime. It has made us feel alone, scared in a world that is changing everyday. Khaled's commitment to keep reaching his Habibi Life family during this crisis has not wavered. He has gotten back to his roots, making his product with his family in his original Habibi Lab. Khaled has kept his business alive and running during this crisis because nothing matters more to him than his Habibi Life family. They are more than just customers to him and he wakes up everyday with a hunger ready to keep providing quality products and with a hope that the Habibi Family will be able to be together again soon. 

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